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I photograph mostly at Combined Training Events, but am also happy to shoot at Horse Shows, Hunter Paces, Summer Camps, and more.

I operate on the Proof Pass Plan. After I Photograph at an event I will post updates on my Facebook Page, Cindy Arendt Photography. The cost of a Proof Pass is $20 per event per rider, or $50 per rider for a Season Pass, payable through Paypal to [email protected] Just send the name of the event and the Rider. As soon as I receive payment, I will process and post your proofs. You will be able to choose one free medium resolution download from each show, just email me and let me know which one you'd like.

Low resolution downloads are also available through Paypal for $15 each. These are suitable for posting on the web or in Facebook, etc, but will not print well in sizes over 3x5 or so. Again, just send the $15, the name of the event, and the Proof #. Prints are available for purchase through this website.

If I should miss you at an event, and you purchase the Pass, your money will be refunded immediately.

Please note that Proofs from prior years that were available on my prior website will gradually be migrated to this one.

If I am unable to identify riders at an event, I will post a folder labeled "Unidentified". Please check for that folder and let me know if you find yourself, or recognize another rider, and I will relabel and repost.

If you have a fall or other mishap, I will not post it, but it's possible that I do have a photo of it. Should you wish to see it, contact me and, if I did I will send it to you. If you want me to post it, just ask, but I won't do so without your permission.




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